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There are many products available for your home maintenance and gardening. However, many of these contain hazardous chemicals, including pesticides. Use GoEthical to search the environmental credentials of sellers and their products before buying.

Find brands that sell ethical products for your home and gardening requirements

If you’re a gardening buff, you’re probably growing organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. Plastic gardening trays and pots aren’t biodegradable and will only end up in landfills. You need to opt for taupe pots, terracotta pots or ethically made earthen peat pots. Recycling is a great way to become environmentally friendly. Look out for pots that are being given away on sites like Bamboo pots and organic pots made from rice hulls are also available. They biodegrade into organic matter, rich with nutrients and prevent additional pollution on the planet.

Sustainable consumer products for gardening

The GoEthical ethical consumer app features many retailers offering 100% natural eco-products ranging from organic fertilisers, weed killers and implements. A classic example is the humble garden hose. Almost every household in the UK has one. However, many people choose the ones made from toxic PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It’s always better to choose the natural rubber ones, as they are biodegradable. Similarly, the GoEthical app UK store features many other ethical products for the maintenance of your home and garden. Browse the app to select the best ones for your requirements.

Environmentally friendly products from an eco-friendly shopping app

Products you use in your home and garden need to always be organic and eco-friendly. It’s better to use hand-forged gardening tools, instead of the supermarket products. If you’re thinking of planting flowers or hedges, it’s best to go organic. These saplings and seeds are available from retailers on the GoEthical app. Socially responsible starter kits are available to grow herbs like basil, parsley, rosemary and sage.

Furnishings and home products on the GoEthical online marketplace

The GoEthical shop ethical app provides you with a large selection of ethical home furnishings from a wide range of companies and UK Artisans. These furnishings are produced from ethical and all natural organic materials. They make a great choice to decorate the interiors of your home. Ethically manufactured cushions are made using fabrics, which have known ethical origins. The workers get a fair deal and there are no sweatshops or child labour involved. 

Get the kids involved in an outdoor healthy lifestyle

Another benefit of gardening at home is the chance to engage with the natural environment, this has health benefits for adults and children alike. Search through a range of products on GoEthical, to learn how to garden and grow food organically. Introduce children and great children to the pleasures of gardening, you will find that bees, butterflies and insects are a healthy distraction from computer games and TV!

Introducing One Tree Planted and Bees Abroad

If you love home and garden products, then no doubt you will love bees and trees! With this in mind, GoEthical has partnered with One Tree Planted who are our Trees Partner and Bees Abroad who are our Bees Partner. GoEthical pledge to donate 1% of our sales commission revenue, which is spread across our bees, trees and seas partners.

This includes the work on the One Tree Planted environmental programme. In turn, they will convert our donations into the planting of trees across North & Latin America, Asia and Africa. Additionally, GoEthical supports the work of Bees Abroad which establishes and oversees sustainable beekeeping projects currently in Asia and Africa. Donations from GoEthical will support their work, which provides equipment, training and support to establish beekeeping in rural communities whilst delivering a range of sustainable and eco-friendly bee-related products. Every purchase made on GoEthical supports our wonderful eco programmes.

Register on the GoEthical app UK to support the environment

Registering today on the GoEthical app is the best step you can take as an eco-conscious consumer. You can rest assured that every product you buy from the GoEthical ethical marketplace supports the environment and the people. The registration process is very simple, and new users can have an account up and running in a few minutes. If you’re a retailer of ethical home and gardening products, join the GoEthical retailer app. You can connect with thousands of consumers who are looking to buy ethical products. Join the GoEthical app today and make the world a better place.


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