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Ethical sourcing of jewellery implies that the wage workers are paid an ethical living wage. It’s not only about paying workers who produce jewellery in developing nations at a fair price. It’s also about environmentally responsible mining of precious metals like gold and silver.

The London Bullion Market (LBMA) has guidelines in place for the sourcing of precious metals. This includes measures to curb money laundering, terrorist funding and the exploitation of human labour. The protocols of operation require precious metal refiners to behave ethically. This is particularly important when the operations are in conflict-ridden areas of the world.

Fair trade promotes ethical trade in gold

Did you know that Fair trade offers gold miners 95% of the LBMA’s gold price? There are more than 60 countries worldwide that have gold mining operations. Approximately 10 to 15 million people are employed by the gold industry worldwide. Out of all the gold mined, around 78% is converted into jewellery. So, as eco-shoppers, it’s important for us to understand how gold and silver are mined. Around nine years ago images of children handling mercury in gold mines were released to the media. The images originated from artisanal mines in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Online ethical shopping for watches

Yes, watches need to be sustainable too. Finding a watch brand that is manufactured sustainably and uses ethical parts takes time and effort. However, as a conscious consumer, it’s worth the wait. Consumers wear watches as a fashion statement as well as a utility. As an integral part of daily wear, it needs to be chosen with moral considerations. There are plenty of toxin-free watches around. Some feature wooden dials made out of natural wood. Straps are made out of recycled materials. There is a vibrant market for sustainable watches with ample diversity and freedom of choice.

Making an ethical choice when buying a watch

44% of customers in the UK thought that it was important for jewellery and watches to be made ethically. This statistic was revealed in a consumer retail survey. When buying watches, green shoppers considered numerous factors. These included the ethical sourcing of materials, the welfare of workers and the use of profits. If the proceeds from the sale of a watch go to a worthy cause, it gains in popularity. Eco-conscious buyers are digging deep into the story of a brand before making a purchase. At GoEthical, brands are invited to list only ethically manufactured watches on the GoEthical sustainable shopping app. Choose from a wide range of companies and Artisans on GoEthical.

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