The death knell for British made products due to outsourcing

Historically, the British Isles has been a hub for quality products. Global outsourcing has only taken off in the last couple of decades. Manufacturing has moved away from European nations to Asian countries like China, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh. This is great news for the big-ticket brands. They can get products made for a fraction of the price they would pay in developed nations. However, from an ethical standpoint, it’s bad news.

How offshoring impacts local eco-friendly companies

Rampant offshoring of manufacturing processes has depleted the skills base in the UK. Skilled workers have lost their jobs and are forced to join the services industry. On the other hand, skilled workers in China and India are exploited as cheap human labour. They are paid only a couple of pounds a day and required to work 12-hour shifts. They never receive a decent living wage. The products they make have to undergo a journey of several thousand miles to get to Europe. The carbon footprint is massive. Large amounts of fossil fuels are used up, releasing several thousand tons of CO2 into the air every month. The entire cycle is unsustainable.

The best British products

If you believe in eco-living and support fair trade principles, you’ll always buy local. The GoEthical shop UK is proud to be one of the best sites to sell on. The brands, suppliers and retailers available through the GoEthical retailer app usually promote British made products. Specialist British products can also receive a “Made in Britain” badge accreditation.

When you see the GoEthical “Made in Britain Badge” it means:

“The seller confirms that the primary components of this produce, item or garment have been created and produced locally in the UK from sustainable resources with less of an impact on the environment.”

You can buy British clothing, British made gifts and many cool sustainable products from the ethical consumer app. GoEthical has a ‘Britain shop’ section selling handmade gifts (such as pottery and glassware). You can buy ‘made in England gifts’ from the GoEthical store that supports local talent. You can also buy British made clothes to support local seamstresses running their own boutiques.

Be sustainable, buy British organic produce

The GoEthical organic app sells excellent British made products in the food and beverages category. GoEthical believe that Britain produces the best in class organic farm produce in Europe. GoEthical also welcome local retailers to list their products on the vendor app. As a retailer of great British products, your natural organic food will find a great audience. GoEthical users love organic wine and cheese and organic vegetables. Their food choices are governed by social responsibility and a commitment to supporting made in UK products.

Join the Bazaar shop UK and by UK manufactured goods

By joining the GoEthical shopping app today, you can gain access to the best products. There are many choices for you to buy ethical and sustainable goods handmade in Britain. You can buy British clothing certified by the fair wear foundation. Biodegradable bags UK are an eco-conscious choice. Most importantly, by buying products made in Great Britain, you will be making a great contribution to the welfare of the UK local economy. So, support the top British products today by joining the GoEthical app.



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