What is ethical music?

Over the last 10 years or so, the music industry has been commoditised. Singles are uploaded by musicians and artists on the online platforms. The major online platforms promise artist exposure at a global level. However, singles are offered for downloads at rock bottom prices like 20p. Talented young artists find it impossible to survive on the money they make from selling their music. Additionally, the licensing regime of the music industry is very complicated. Local artists are clueless about the legalities of claiming royalties. Thus, they are continuously short-changed, receiving only a small percentage of what they are owed. Ethical production and sale of music imply protection of an artist’s rights and royalties. It also implies that they are paid a fair wage for the publication of their music.

Ethically made music

The question of ethics of the sale and production of music covers several factors. Most musicians spend a lifetime practising, learning and honing their art. They have to fund themselves to buy expensive equipment. Their musical education is often self-funded, as limited government grants and scholarships are available. Many musicians find the pursuit of a career in music unsustainable. Many quit and take on other jobs. This is killing local talent.

Supporting independent labels is important for the sustainability of the music industry

At GoEthical, labels and independent music production houses are supported. These companies give their artists a fair deal. They also support local events and festivals to promote deserving local artists. Many of them donate to local charities who help struggling musicians. Some of the labels you will find on the GoEthical ethical consumer app are also involved in cause-related marketing. In this case, proceeds from the sales of songs and albums go to a worthy cause.

Protect the rights of performing artists

Illegal downloads have historically been a drain on the earnings of the music industry. It takes several days, even weeks for an artist to compose and produce a track. During this period, the artists support themselves, in addition to paying the costs of recording studios. When listeners download their songs illegally, their opportunity to earn is taken away. It is tantamount to stabbing musicians in the back. GoEthical only join hands with ethical labels for the eco-friendly shopping app. These labels respect the intellectual property rights and copyrights of their artists.

CDs and vintage records

Although, there is new music for sale, why not also visit the vintage music section to buy pre-loved music items including CDs, DVDs and even vintage vinyl records. Some of these are considered collectables in their own right and can add appeal as part of a retro design in a home’s music room.

Musical instruments

Why not visit the GoEthical musical instruments section? Here you will find musical instruments both old and new for sale. All new instruments will be ethical and follow our principles of eco-friendliness and sustainability. Again, promoting GoEthical’s principles of selling pre-loved goods and recycling, there is an opportunity to buy old instruments (perhaps old school instruments) and give them a chance of performing once more.

Buy ethical music by joining the GoEthical online market

Show your solidarity and support for local musicians and songwriters. By registering on GoEthical, you would extend your support to the wealth of local talent in the UK. As a music lover and an eco-friendly shopper, GoEthical are certain that your heart is in the right place. Join us today to buy and sell music products ethically.


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