If you find using average shopping apps to buy natural label goods a challenge, GoEthical can help. The GoEthical platform is perfect for anyone looking to buy and sell sustainable products of various origins. This includes items with all-natural ingredients which are kind to the environment and good for you as well.

Why go natural with an ethical consumer app?

With the development of mass production techniques over the 20th century, a lot of popular products changed significantly. While traditional recipes might have used all-natural ingredients, processed foods became the norm as costs fell and demand rose.

There are a number of problems that come with buying and consuming goods with lots of artificial ingredients and additives. The nutritional benefits can be compromised, and the introduction of nameless chemicals seems a little dystopian.

Anyone who is sick of picking up a packet of food in the supermarket only to see that it contains endless E-numbers should shop for natural label products. With the GoEthical ethical app market, you can browse and buy high-quality all-natural brands.

Looking for natural label products rather than their artificially infused equivalents is not just sensible from a health perspective. It can also have other repercussions which conscientious consumers should consider.

For example, many natural label products also benefit from organic farming methods. This leads to less environmental damage and means that ethical online shopping really can make a difference. Not all natural label goods are also organic, but the organic category lets you find products that also fit this description.

What products are natural label?

More often than not the natural label movement is geared towards foods and beverages. Anyone who cares about the things they are putting in their body every day will appreciate this.

Natural label foods cover most areas of the market, from healthy snacks to sweet treats and indulgent savoury dishes. That means even if you do not want to count calories or worry about the fat content, you can still select all-natural items that will make your mouth water.

Many brands also produce natural label clothing. Garments which are made without artificial materials not only look good and feel good, but also benefit from being biodegradable. They may also feature tags and other features that are made from natural fibres. This makes them true ethical products, sitting alongside other eco-friendly items that you can buy from GoEthical.

Eco-friendly consumerism is the way forwards

Eco-friendly consumerism is the way forwards

Is there a catch?

It is always worth doing your research when you are looking for natural label products. There is no single unifying scheme; instead this is generally a marketing effort made by brands.

Having said that, any product which claims to be all-natural can be expected to live up to expectations. The main thing to consider is that natural and healthy are not the same. As mentioned earlier, some all-natural products are intended to be “indulgent” treats, not suitable for weight loss or any other dieting purposes.

So long as you keep your wits about you and read each product description carefully, you will be able to make an informed decision. If you do have any questions, you can always make use of the community features of the application shop.

Like any app market worth its salt, GoEthical is built to be user-friendly. Instant messaging, forums and other tools for talking about products can help every buyer. Meanwhile, brands looking to sell sustainable products can leverage comprehensive store-building solutions.

More ethical products to consider

Here at GoEthical, you won’t find ethical shopping a chore. That is why you can easily find fair wear, vegan, palm oil free and recyclable products in abundance.

Companies from around the world are present to ensure that a huge array of international ethical goods are represented.

Fair trade items are a popular option for both buyers and sellers. They let you choose clothing, food and electronics that pay producers fairly throughout the supply chain.

Cruelty free cosmetics and natural beauty and healthcare products (e.g. sun cream) that have not been tested on animals are also available. Like natural label products, all of these allow you to shop ethically and sustainably at a time when planet Earth needs help.

GoEthical and Bees Abroad – a perfect natural partnership!

GoEthical has partnered with Bees Abroad, a UK-based charity working to relieve poverty through Beekeeping in Africa and Asia. Participants develop a sustainable income through the sale of bee-related products (e.g. honey, propolis and beeswax).

Learn more about how Bees Abroad work with vulnerable adults, youth and women groups and others by clicking here. GoEthical has selected Bees Abroad as our “Bees Partner” in our bees, seas and trees eco-programmes. We pledge to donate 1% of sales commission revenue, which is spread across our eco partners.

How to get involved

If you are on board with the ethos of GoEthical, why not register today and be kept up to date with the way the GoEthical ethical app market is growing? There are lots of exciting products to pick and fresh vendors are signing to keep options interesting and relevant.


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