Office equipment has evolved hugely – for better or for worse?

The last couple of decades have seen monumental changes in office equipment. From CRT computer monitors to dot matrix printers, the office appliances of yesteryear were energy inefficient. However, not everything modern is eco-friendly. Many are energy guzzlers and we need to differentiate between the good and bad before making a choice.

Did you know that desktop computers use three times the energy as that of the laptop? Paper waste is another big factor. When you print documents, you use electricity, printer ink and paper. Yet, people needlessly print documents in offices, only to have them end up in the bin. An environmentally friendly option is to share digital documents, rather than add to your carbon footprint.

Buying eco-friendly products for the office

Many office appliance brands sell sustainable products. If you own an office or manage one, it’s important to do your research and buy green products. Always check the energy consumption label before buying any office product. If you wish to buy 100% eco-products for your office, look no further than the GoEthical app online. GoEthical is a mobile app that encourages you to buy office appliances from the GoEthical ethical app market.

Choose environmentally friendly brands when selecting a printer

Printers are a notorious contributor to environmental pollution. Believe it or not, offices around the world use up more than 10 ink cartridges every second and discard 1 million cartridges a day. These cartridges contain chemicals that cause significant environmental damage. Butyl urea is a toxic chemical used to prevent the paper from getting curled up. There are large amounts of various toxic chemicals in every printer cartridge. Printer cartridges contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds, along with heavy metals contaminate the Earth at the end of life stage of the cartridge. Environmentally conscious brands manufacturing office printers will have sustainable waste management systems. Before making a buying decision, it’s important to research the brand and check its sustainability record.

Energy-efficient appliances

The European Commission has released energy usage guidelines. All office electronic appliances need to be compliant with energy usage regulations. An important transition was the move away from old PC monitors to the flat-screen ones. Flat-screen monitors consume far less energy than their predecessors. Photocopiers are another example. Reducing the amount of energy required to heat the roller is a positive step. Likewise, it was found that copiers consumed more than 90% of their energy in standby mode. Today, energy-saving initiatives have made photocopiers more environmentally friendly.

“One Tree Planted” – Trees Partner of GoEthical

GoEthical are delighted to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted, a charity which plants a tree for every $ donated. We pledge that 1% of our sales commission revenue will be donated across our partners for bees, trees and seas. Our donations to One Tree Planted will help reforestation projects around the world.

Read the One Tree Planted article Green Business Sustainable Brands, where they provide practical advice about how to reduce the carbon footprint in the office.

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