Anyone who wants to remove the synthetic ingredients and materials from their shopping basket should shop organic. GoEthical is a brilliant organic app that caters to consumers who care about their health, as well as that of the planet itself. You can buy and sell sustainable products which have been produced using organic techniques. The range of organic products is always growing, so be sure to visit the app often.

What is organic produce?

To qualify as organic, there are many criteria that a product must fulfil. Numerous regulations govern organic items in certain regions. Thankfully a few unifying features tie most together.

In essence, organic produce is grown using more traditional methods of farming and manufacturing. This means that crops are grown without nearly as much chemical intervention as is possible in the modern agricultural age.

For example, the use of artificial pesticides is generally forbidden if organic accreditation is desired. That does not mean that organic products are necessary pesticide free. Instead, farmers may choose to switch to other methods of protecting produce from critters as it grows.

Synthetic fertilisers are also off the table. To be truly organic, the crop must be bolstered with organic matter and nothing more.

Once the crop has been harvested, it may go through extra processing if it is being used to make organic food products. At this point, there are also differences between how organic brands will handle their ingredients when compared with their mainstream equivalents. Organic ingredients will not be artificially preserved or irradiated. Instead, a combination of careful volume management and storage will achieve the desired effects.

Even though there are some inconsistencies across international organic produce regulation, these core tenets are fairly reliably upheld.

Issues with non-organic products

Finding out about the benefits of using the GoEthical ethical app market to order organic goods is just the first step. You might only be converted to buying organic if you understand what positive effects this has.

Many people claim that organic food tastes better than non-organic alternatives. This is certainly true, although the reasons for this are a little less obvious than you might expect. For example, organic food is more flavourful than intensively farmed crops which make use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides because of the whole development life cycle of the produce.

The cheapest fruit and veg is not only sold in huge volumes but are also specifically selected for uniformity. Shapes and colours need to be consistent or brands fear that customers will stop buying. Taste very much takes a back seat in this selection process.

Conversely, the organic foods at the GoEthical application shop are far more about flavour than picture-perfect form. Organic farmers may even select older breeds of common crops, going back to generations before too much genetic tinkering had been carried out.

The promise of better tasting food should be enough to convince anyone to go organic. If ethical online shopping has become an ambition of yours, GoEthical’s organic products can also help. Non-organic items will generally be farmed using methods that do not benefit the environment. Pollinating insects and wildlife may be killed. Water supplies may be compromised. Entire ecosystems might crumble to make way for farmland.

Organic approaches are less invasive, intrusive and damaging. Indeed, many organic products are farmed in a way that improves the ecology of the surrounding area rather than hurting it. With the GoEthical retailer app at your disposal, you can prove to the world that you care about more than just bagging a bargain.

Here at GoEthical we support “Made in Britain” initiatives. Using the GoEthical app, users can find very local suppliers where they can source their organic products, e.g. a local farm or small holding. So, why not support British organic products? These may include handmade products as well as fresh food gift boxes as examples.

Artificially assisted crop growth is doing lasting damage to the planet.

Artificially assisted crop growth is doing lasting damage to the planet.

Top organic product choices

If you want organic food, GoEthical has lots of the best and brightest brands in this category. You can also find companies that sell sustainable products made using organic techniques which are not consumable. Examples of organic eco-friendly products include:

You can also browse a full array of other ethical, sustainable options across GoEthical’s platform. Find fair trade food and clothing, stock up on natural label garments, indulge in cruelty free cosmetics, buy vegan products and generally alter your approach to online shopping. It could be the best resolution to embrace this year and every year to follow.

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