The GoEthical application shop lets you root out the best pesticide free products from brands you can trust. GoEthical is one of the eco-friendliest apps around, so supporting producers that do not use pesticides makes sense. As part of the ethical line up of options, pesticide free products can help you make a positive change in your shopping habits.

Problems with pesticides

Growing crops has been a challenge for millennia, but in the past century, agriculture has evolved rapidly. The development of intensive farming techniques has allowed for an unprecedented abundance of food to be produced. Pesticides have been instrumental in improving yields and protecting plants from the insects and other wildlife that feed on them.

The rise of modern farming has not been without its problems. Critics can focus on the carbon footprint, the volumes of water used for irrigation and the amount of land it takes up. Arguably the biggest issue is associated with the use of pesticides.

Pesticides are not a 20th-century concept; they have been used for over 4000 years. Early civilisations would dust their crops with sulphur to kill insects and plant poisonous plants around edible ones to fence them off from foragers and do much more.

Developments made over the years saw all sorts of other substances used for this purpose. The likes of arsenic were even applied at one point, even though this caused complications for humans as well.

Today tens of millions of tonnes of modern pesticides are used each year. While these are less harmful to consumers, they have left their mark on the animal kingdom in a major way.

From collapsing bee populations in Europe to contaminated rivers and water supplies, the list of issues is extensive. This is why more people than ever want to use the GoEthical organic app to find suppliers with safe products to buy, which are free from pesticides.

Application of pesticides has many negative effects as well as positive ones

Application of pesticides has many negative effects

Perks of going pesticide free

By choosing organic produce and products which are made using pesticide free materials, you can make a big difference. You will know that your purchase has not led to any of the harmful side effects of pesticides. You will also be supporting brands that share similar ideals to you and will encourage more companies to sell sustainable products.

This ties into the global reach of agriculture. The products you buy are rarely produced using materials from a single origin. This means that by throwing your spending weight behind pesticide free items, you will be instigating change both at home and overseas.

It is no longer enough to have a forward-thinking, progressive outlook; you need to act accordingly in every aspect of your life. With the GoEthical ethical app market, this is super simple and immensely rewarding.

Pesticide free product choices

At GoEthical, there are lots of brilliant products in an ever-evolving line up from quality brands. Food products which have ingredients farmed without pesticides are increasingly common. From savoury snacks to sweeter indulgences, there is a wealth of choice for conscientious consumers.

Finding foods, which are free of pesticides is one thing, but what if you could encounter clothing which is made with all natural fibres? Plenty of pesticide free products are wearable rather than edible. In short, if ethical online shopping is what you are looking for, GoEthical is the perfect place to start your search.

Pesticide free gardening is more about changing practices in the garden to avoid needing to use pesticides, here are some helpful tips:

  • Mix crops – grow flowers and vegetables together, to attract a mix of birds and insects to kill off pests
  • Rotation – practice crop rotation, to avoid draining the same nutrients year on year from the ground
  • Soil – buy compost and mulch direct from retailers in the home and garden category
  • Suitable plants – choose suitable plants for your soil and environmental conditions
  • Vigilance – use traps and covers to keep out pests such as caterpillars, pigeons, rabbits, slugs – rather than poison them

Always, remember pesticides can be ingested when eating crops on which you have used pesticides. In addition, pesticides can also penetrate find themselves in the water table and create toxins this way. Check the gardening section of the GoEthical app for pesticide free gardening products.

Buy and sell sustainable products on GoEthical

One of the main reasons to sign up for GoEthical is that pesticide free products are only one string to a bulging bow! GoEthical have vegan, cruelty free, fair trade and fair wear products from accredited brands and vendors.

From a buyer’s perspective, the app is a dream to use and gives you so many tools to find out more about products. Lists of trending products are an excellent place to discover items you might have overlooked. The instant messaging platform helps you communicate with vendors. The GoEthical interface is sleek and sensibly laid out to avoid confusion. There are also badges to mark out the ethical attributes of each vendor.

GoEthical sellers are in a similarly strong position. While many big brands bring products to users, GoEthical is also an ideal place for smaller firms to get started. Build your foundations on the GoEthical platform and success is sure to follow.

Introducing our Bees partner – Bees Abroad

As we said earlier, pesticides are a significant reason for the decline in worldwide bee populations. Important pollinators, bees play a vital role in the eco-system. We have partnered with Bees Abroad to help in their vital work to protect and increase bee populations, whilst also providing a local income source to communities, which is both sustainable and eco-friendly. Click on for further details of how the charity enhances the quality of life of participants through sustainable beekeeping.

GoEthical pledge that 1% of sales commission revenue will be donated to our bees, trees and seas partners. We are pleased that Bees Abroad are our “Bees partner”.

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