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Ethical issues in the pottery industry

The ethical pottery trade provides a fair wage for artisans and abolition of labour exploitation. The next time you pick up a ceramic artefact in a store, flip it around. You may see that the inscription states ‘made in China’. Labour exploitation is one of the biggest issues. Women and children are all too frequently made to work in appalling conditions. These wage workers are paid an unsustainable living wage. Healthy and safe working conditions aren’t provided. Additionally, there may be issues with the material itself. Clay pottery may be biodegradable, but has the material been sourced ethically? Depletion of natural materials due to industries has impacted many animal species. If it’s a stone pot, where did the stone come from?

Ethical online shopping for locally made pottery

British ethically sourced pottery can be found on the GoEthical app online. Many buyers would like to shop ecologically, but don’t have the time to research suppliers. At GoEthical, buyers can join hands with ethical retailers who provide UK handmade goods for sale. This reduces the carbon footprint of the product as it travels only a short distance. Local UK artisans get more work, which helps them obtain a sustainable lifestyle. A revival of the UK pottery and ceramics industry started gaining momentum between 2009 and 2014. The ‘Made in England’ stamp grew in stature again, with its focus on quality and perfection. Sales in this sector grew by 45% during this period.

Handmade pottery on the GoEthical sustainable shopping app

There is a growing demand for handcrafted crafts for example as collectables. Handmade pottery fits in well with the key priorities of the GoEthical shop ethical app. Handmade pottery is made out of organic, recyclable material. It is completely biodegradable, ensuring that it doesn’t pollute the planet when its life is over. If you sell ethically produced handmade pottery or wish to buy some, the app is just right for you.

Ethically recycled glassware

Handmade glass is ethical and sustainable since it is made from recycled glass. The waste glass is washed and crushed, once it arrives from collection points. It can then be melted down and is usually hand-blown into products. At GoEthical, you can buy many beautiful handmade items, created from recycled glass. Glass is an amazing eco-friendly material. It can be completely recycled, and the energy needed to make recycled products is far less. Believe it or not, when two bottles are recycled, sufficient energy to make 5 cups of tea is generated!

Register to join the GoEthical online shopping app

GoEthical is a great mobile app marketplace where you can buy all kinds of ethically sourced, fair trade products. If you are a sustainable and ethical supplier, you’re welcome to join the GoEthical ethical trade shop. All it takes is a couple of minutes to register, and you will be connected with an entire community of conscious consumers.


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