Not every purchase you make from the GoEthical application shop needs to be of a box-fresh ethical product. GoEthical is an incredible place to encounter pre-loved items of all kinds. From vintage clothing to upcycled furniture, this is one of the only apps you can sell items on which puts sustainability first.

How recycling helps the planet

There are lots of campaigns that encourage people to recycle more often. The problem with many is that they do not do a good job of explaining why this is a sensible move.

The basic principle is simple; by recycling old products rather than throwing them away, they can re-enter the economy and prevent landfill sites become overfull. Of course, for most consumers, thinking about the long-term life cycle of the products they pick is not motivated by things like this. That is where the more important and exciting aspects of recycling come into play. Indeed, you could choose not to frame it as recycling at all and instead talk of re-selling.

Use the GoEthical marketplace to buy and sell old, unwanted items and minimise your environmental impact. It could not be simpler!

Every item you save from the bin is also worth thinking about from a purely material perspective. Each new product needs to be manufactured using resources which are procured through mining, farming and other intensive activities. These processes create harmful emissions that add to global warming. Likewise, the transport of goods to consumers from overseas manufacturing facilities has an ecological impact.

On the other hand, if you buy pre-loved products from within the vendor app, most of these problems are resolved. No new resource consumption is required, save for the shorter delivery distance that needs to be covered. You can then get many years use out of a product before recycling it yourself.

Recycling products is the best way to protect the environment from further damage

Recycling products is the best way to protect the environment from further damage

What recyclable products are available?

GoEthical has an extensive range of available recyclable goods. Pre-loved items can cover all the categories under the sun.

If you want second-hand electronics, for example, GoEthical has you covered. Arguably it is better to buy used gadgets than new ones since these are tougher to process sustainably and require a lot of resources to make from scratch.

The app also features vendors that sell sustainable products like vintage clothes. Fashions are always coming and going, yet generally, they move in a cycle. Rather than splashing out on a modern replica of a classic garment, with GoEthical you can buy the real thing from the first time around.

Upcycled furniture is a hot option in the recycled product range. Just as clothing fashions change, home decor is always shifting and reshaping itself. In many cases existing furniture can be spruced up by specialists and re-sold, rather than being trashed. This and many more types of recyclable products are available in abundance in the GoEthical retailer app.

Can I sell pre-loved products?

If you have caught the recycling bug and you want to jump on the bandwagon, GoEthical can help. GoEthical provides all the tools you need to become a vendor and pass on the items you no longer need to a good new home, which is a form of recycling.

GoEthical has a comprehensive approach to working with sellers which keeps the quality of the items on the platform very high. However, this does not mean that GoEthical is only interested in supporting established brands; quite the opposite! Sellers of all sizes can find a home on the GoEthical ethical app market.

As you might have gathered, the app is not just for second-hand items. GoEthical also provides a full array of ethical products that are hot from the factory.

Fair trade and cruelty free are good examples of how consumerism can have a positive impact, rather than creating problems around the world. Vegan and organic products are great whether you are looking to save the environment or simply adjust your diet. Palm oil free and fair wear products give you oodles of options whatever your ethical considerations.

GoEthical badges and accreditations

GoEthical helps recycled products suppliers to stand out from the competition by displaying a badge. Once the accreditation process has completed a badge can be added to the seller profile. This approach in particular helps micro sellers who may find it difficult to afford to pay the accreditation processes of globally known certification schemes. So, lookout for seller badges when browsing through GoEthical. Whilst the badges and other accreditations are here to help, GoEthical would always advise customers to check specific items and ingredients, etc.

Finding trending recyclable products

Encountering the latest and greatest products across all categories is easy with GoEthical’s trending products system. This brings in social media-influenced elements and expands upon the traditional online shopping experience for the better. Certainly, in GoEthical’s opinion, four recyclable products, which are currently trending are alternatives to plastic versions of:

  • Drinking straws
  • Shopping bags
  • Takeaway coffee cups and
  • Water bottles

Many community-centred features of the GoEthical app let all buyers and sellers get more out of their time here. There is a lot to love about what you can do with the GoEthical ethical marketplace, including finding eco-friendly and recyclable products which you maybe never even knew existed.

GoEthical partners with One Tree Planted

GoEthical has partnered with not for profit organisation, One Tree Planted who are our “Trees Partner”. We pledge to donate 1% of our sales commission revenue to our partners for bees, trees and seas. One Tree Planted who will use the donations they receive to fund tree planting around the world.

Why not read some of the One Tree Planted blog articles? We particularly liked “How to take Personal Action to Lead a Sustainable Lifestyle”, which talks about the 3 R’s – “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

Register with GoEthical to beat the rush

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