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Hobby sailors have an unbridled passion for the great outdoors. However, when trawling through waterways, you need to take steps to protect the world’s most important natural resource. Carrying packaged foods on your yacht could end up with all that plastic packaging ending up in the water. Environmentally harmful emissions from sailboat engines can pollute the oceans. If you use cleaning products on a yacht, you could unintentionally be allowing harmful chemicals to enter the water. Toxic sun creams which have harmful toxins, damage the oceans and don’t biodegrade. These can all be toxic to aquatic life, so you need to use the right products. At GoEthical, there is a commitment to providing you with the most sustainable and eco-friendly products for sailing and yachting.

Get the best non-toxic cleaning products

Several cleaning products are deadly to water-based life. When these chemicals enter the water, the entire ecosystem is impacted. Even if you clean your boat on a bank, you could be releasing chemicals into the water. Due to these reasons, it’s important to use the right cleaning products for your yacht. Boat cleaning products need to be organic, non-toxic and biodegradable. If you’re cleaning below the deck, it’s fine to use household cleaning solvents. However, they need to be certified for environmental friendliness. Browse the app shop online to find out more about these sustainable yacht products from GoEthical retailers.

Non-toxic yacht paints on the online ethical shopping app

The paint you use on your boat can release toxic compounds into the sea. The good news is that there are many suppliers of eco yacht products. These environmentally friendly retailers sell boat paint that has a water-based coating. This is a green, eco-friendly product that has a lower level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They do not harm any water life and are formulated from non-leaching substances. These sustainable products promote eco-living on the sea. The GoEthical app lists these products, so you can keep sailing sustainably.

Low-energy appliances for eco-conscious sailing

GoEthical have many options for sustainable freezers and refrigerators for use on a boat. Refrigerators will typically use a 12volt electrical system that can be easily powered through renewable energy. There’s plenty of this at sea. Solar and wind are great options when you’re in the water. If you do charge your battery bank on land, you can also use a renewable power source. Freezers that run on similar principles can be sourced from GoEthical retailers.

GoEthical support for the Blue Marine Foundation

GoEthical are BLUE members of the Blue Marine Foundation ocean conservation charity. Read more about our support here.

Registering on the sustainable shopping app

As an eco-conscious sailor, you should register online with us to learn about the products available in the sailing and yachting category. GoEthical only approve ethical retailers, who are registered with us via the vendor app. It only takes a couple of minutes to register. Join the app and connect with the eco-friendly sailing community today.


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