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Playing sports is all about enjoying your natural surroundings. Therefore, it’s no surprise that sports enthusiasts care about the planet. However, what about the products you use for your game? Most sports balls are produced from synthetic materials like PVC and Polyurethane.

Balls made out of leather are also common, but are they cruelty free? The manufacture of footballs has similar ethical issues. Many are stitched in a developing country by young children. Fair trade sports equipment comes from sources that have ethical labour policies. These include health and safety for their workers, a decent living wage and no child labour.

Ethical sports equipment on the sustainable shopping app

You will find eco-certified, green sports products in the GoEthical online shopping app. There are many sustainably manufactured products available. Rubber balls are now being made from sustainably forested rubber. Eco-conscious customers demand products that are made by adult workers who were compensated with a living wage.

Cruelty free sports products

Customers who buy cruelty free products insist that the balls contain no leather. Did you know that sports racquets are strung using animal gut? It takes the intestines of three cows to make a tennis racquet. Vegan tennis racquets are strung using strings that are made out of synthetic material.

Equipment produced from ethical sources

Baseball and cricket bats, as well as hockey sticks all, use wood. Environmentally conscious sports enthusiasts are keen to buy bats made with ethical, natural wood. There’s always some sporting equipment made from animal products. For example, wool is used to coat tennis balls. Manufacturers need to ascertain that the wool is farmed ethically. Just because certain materials are cruelty free, doesn’t mean they are environmentally friendly. Many synthetic materials used by the sports goods industry are non-biodegradable. If they end up in landfills, they would simply pollute the environment. The sports retailers registered on the GoEthical market only stock products that are made sustainably.

Waste management needs to be proactively managed by the sports industry

If you’ve ever walked into a charity store, you might have noticed there’s a fair bit of sporting equipment there. For every racquet, ball or bat that makes its way to the store for recycling, thousands didn’t. All this equipment is discarded and ends up as waste. The sports industry needs to wake up to these issues. It’s important to implement measures for waste control and recycling.

Buy and sell sustainable sports products by registering today

Registering as an eco-conscious sports enthusiast on the GoEthical mobile app marketplace connects you to many eco-friendly sports retailers. GoEthical is one of the best vegan apps to buy cruelty free sports gear. By joining the GoEthical community, whether as a buyer or seller, you can make a valuable contribution to the sustainability of the planet.


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