Veganism has emerged as a mainstream lifestyle choice in the past decade especially, with millions of people around the world now ascribing to a diet which excludes animal products. Thanks to GoEthical you can buy a large number of vegan goods using the GoEthical ethical shopping app.

Whether you are looking for vegan food or vegan-friendly clothing, GoEthical has the best brands right here in an extensive category.

Why choose vegan?

There are lots of potential perks for choosing to pursue a vegan diet using the GoEthical eco-friendly shopping app.

Firstly, there is the issue of the suffering which is associated with certain animal-derived products. Veganism is not just concerned with preventing the killing of animals to satisfy human hunger; it also aims to eradicate any kind of exploitation of livestock. This means that dairy products and even honey are off the table, allowing for an almost entirely guilt-free experience.

Secondly, there is the environmental impact of agriculture. Raising livestock uses vast resources and generates a significant carbon footprint. This means that a marketplace app that lets you choose vegan options over animal-derived equivalents will let you be eco-friendlier.

Consumers are waking up to the troubles facing the planet at the moment. So, no matter the motivation behind your choice to go vegan, you can satisfy your needs with GoEthical, the best place to buy and sell ethical products of all types.

Vegan offerings of every variety

Just because you have decided to opt for a vegan lifestyle does not mean that you have to make compromises on the quality or diversity of the products you by.

With the assistance of GoEthical’s vendor app, your journey into full-fledged veganism will be a breeze, not a chore. So, what kinds of vegan products can you expect to encounter?

Consumables are one of the larger segments of the vegan market. You can find everything from dairy substitutes and sweet treats to convincing meat replacements and tongue-tingling drinks to tempt you. Until you start digging, you might not realise that so many popular foods and beverages do not meet vegan requirements. If your head is reeling with this information, a quick search in the retailer app will set you back on an even keel.

Sellers relevant accreditations are listed, whether that be vegan, fair trade, cruelty-free or recyclable.

Also, worth considering are the other products which live up to the rigid framework of veganism. Vegan fashion is a great example of this, allowing you to snap up super-cool garments while also sidestepping the potential for animal products being used in the manufacturing process.

A snapshot of vegan products

Just a few examples of vegan products available from GoEthical Artisans are:

  • Food – vegan foods such as jackfruit, seaweed, aquafaba and plant-based milks, etc.
  • Beauty products – cosmetics, shampoo and skincare, etc. which are also cruelty free
  • Fashion – all types of clothing, which don’t require animals (e.g. no leather)
  • Plant Based products – such as sustainable rubber and hemp, etc.
  • Gifts for him and her – a very large selection of vegan gifts are available, just search in GoEthical!

Other benefits of vegan ethical online shopping

Vegan products have plenty more to offer aside from the simple fact that they are made without involving animals in any way, shape or form.

By investing in your veganism using GoEthical, you will be pledging your support to sellers and brands who believe that it is important to make the world a better place. Not many retail spaces take ethics into account, yet each time you order a vegan item with GoEthical, you are showing that this is the best way forward.

The more you commit to vegan products, the bigger and better the range will become. Brands will realise that it is important to develop cruelty-free items of all kinds if they see that there is a demand for them amongst consumers.

Sometimes it might feel like your decision to be vegan has little impact. However, when you see just how many vendors sell sustainable products right here, you will realise that you can bring about change with each purchase.

Make vegan buying decisions each time you shop.

Make vegan buying decisions each time you shop.

Using the GoEthical mobile app marketplace

As well as being a hub for ethical, sustainable products from around the world, GoEthical is also incredibly easy to use. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the platform is slick and intuitive.

You can even harness GoEthical as a resource for learning more about vegan products and asking questions from people and organisations with similar ideals and interests. Community-driven features let you chat, discuss and dissect all the biggest issues facing consumers today.

GoEthical organic, biodegradable, palm oil free and pesticide-free products sit neatly alongside or overlap with vegan goods.

With clear labelling, a badge system for vendor accreditation and excellent support solutions, your decision to buy sustainable products with GoEthical will be justified.

Celebrate veganism by signing up to the GoEthical ethical marketplace

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