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Environmentally conscious manufacturing is taking over

Automotive parts manufacturers are increasingly focusing on building sustainable components. The use of eco-friendly and recyclable parts is becoming increasingly popular. Many manufacturers are opting for bio-based materials instead of synthetics. Castor oil foam can be used to build instrument panels. Plastic components are being filled with straws originating from plants. Seat covers are frequently being made from recycled yarns.

Historically, petroleum products have been used to strengthen plastic panels. However, several green manufacturers are experimenting with alternative materials that are 100% natural. Leading automotive manufacturers are exploring the use of coir (coconut husk natural fiber) to reinforce plastic. These trends are making automotive parts more sustainable and recyclable and are also being delivered amidst the start of the electric vehicle revolution too.

Reducing the carbon footprint of a vehicle

Much of the biodegradable material used by the automotive industry today is waste from another industry. This is great news for the planet, as these parts become eco-friendly as well as sustainable. Reducing the dependence on fossil fuels is a key objective for the automobile industry. This is a smart way of doing it. Believe it or not, a major automobile company is growing its own automotive parts! This is done through a mould injection process, where the mould is filled with mushroom mycelium. The mycelium keeps growing until it fills the mould. The mould has already been designed in the shape of an automotive part. So, all that needs to be done is to fit the part onto the vehicle, whether it be a car, motorbike, van or lorry.

Sourcing eco-friendly vehicle parts for the retailer app

These trends are already catching on across the industry and may soon become the norm. In the meantime, there are plenty of automobile parts being manufactured sustainably. Rubber parts, including tyres, are made out of responsibly sourced rubber. Organic, as well as recycled materials, can be used for the upholstery. The use of recycled resins to manufacture certain parts is already prevalent. The GoEthical online shopping mobile app teams up with sustainable suppliers and retailers.

Recycling is helping the vehicle parts industry to sell sustainable products

The long-term goal and vision of many automotive manufacturers are to become zero-landfill and carbon neutral. Some of the world’s biggest manufacturers are now recycling everything, including the metal shrapnel from their factory floors. The industry is gradually switching over to renewable energy. There is an acceptance of the public perception of the automobile industry as being highly polluting. All the green initiatives underway are making the automobile industry more carbon neutral. Eventually, the negative image may be shaken off.

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