It can be challenging finding vegan gifts online and even harder to find quality Mother’s day gifts to send by post, so we have rounded up some fantastic options for you. Gifts feel so much better to give when they are vegan, environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. There are so many thoughtful brands out there, you will be spoilt for choice when shopping for a Mother’s Day gift. 

Whether your mum or loved one is gluten-free, wants healthy raw snacks or you simply want to use less plastic this Mother’s Day, there are an array of tempting gifts you can send her in the post in time for the special day this March. Take a look below to see some of the best gifts we have found, all created by small, independent and eco-friendly businesses based in the UK, to see what catches your eye.

Purple Marble’s Mother’s Day gift set 

Give your Mum the gift of luxury vegan skincare with this thoughtful gift set. Everyone needs some ‘me time’ and a pampering session on Mother’s Day is certainly the best time to do this. This set includes five luxury items which are each a treat in themselves. They include a facial mask, breaking liquid solution and two handmade vegan soaps, with the option to choose two out of 14 scents.

This pamper kit is the perfect way for your mum to unwind and she will certainly feel refreshed with these luxury vegan beauty products. You can also make this mothers day gift by post personal, with a handwritten, personalised note.

Edinburgh Honey Co. Hot Chocolate

This small, UK based, family run business sells plenty of tasty treats, including their delicious hot chocolate. Made in Scotland, this creamy hot chocolate is the perfect way to indulge your Mother, because who doesn’t love luxury chocolate drinks? Vegan food gifts always go down well and helping out an independent business too, feels that much better.

Completely vegan and responsibly sourced, all you need to do is add 25g of your favourite plant-based milk, to create this irresistible beverage. Easy to send via post, this is a thoughtful yet simple gift to treat those you love.

Siyana London’s Meenakshi Organic Cotton Scarf

If you’re after luxury vegan clothing gifts, look no further. This elegant scarf is the perfect addition to your mother’s wardrobe, merging practicality with style. This organic scarf is made up of sustainable cotton and is made by artisans that create these wonderful garments in different districts in India. The materials used are also sustainable and locally sourced in India, meaning your purchase will benefit many people in the local community.

The scarf is made up of colour blocks, with deep reds, greens and blues and is very soft to the touch, so is a dream to wear. This is certainly a thoughtful gift and because it is of such good quality, it is a gift that will keep on giving for many years to come.

Funky Soap Coffee Gift Box

If your mum can’t get enough of coffee, then this pamper box filled with coffee flavoured and scented goodies is the perfect gift for her. All of these British made products are cruelty free, so will feel that much better when having an invigorating pamper session. This coffee lover’s gift box packs plenty of products, including a solid coffee shampoo bar, solid coffee soap bar, a tantalising coffee and orange scrub, as well as a facial exfoliation brush.

Each of these fair trade products have a mesmerising freshly ground coffee smell, making them a delight to use. It is also plastic free, so when your environmentally conscious mum gets this in the post, she can recycle or use all of the parts after she’s used them.

The raw chocolate co’s Deluxe Gift Hamper

No matter the occasion, everyone loves some tasty treats and ones that are completely vegan and palm-oil free taste that much better. This irresistible chocolate hamper is perfect for any mums that are soy or gluten free, or simply like low sugar and natural ingredients. The raw chocolate co was founded by Linus who has a passion for raw cocoa and treats, who has created some delicious inventions, including gift baskets.

This gift really has it all, with up to 20 snacks packed into each hamper, your mum will be spoilt for choice on Mother’s Day. She will have a huge selection, ranging from raw chocolate mulberries, almonds and cherries to name a few, including coffee, banoffee and coconut flavours too.

The Funky Soap Shop’s Relaxing Calendula Gift Box

The gift of relaxation is a great one for many mums across the country and what better way with this gift box. You can expect to find a handful of calming products that are vegan and not tested on animals. This includes calendula massage oil that can simply be applied to the skin after a shower or hot bath, or used for massages too.

This luxurious gift box also contains a jasmine scented bath bomb, creamy cocoa butter and calendula soap as well as natural fibre soap mit, ideal for exfoliation and relaxation. You can be assured that this gift will offer hours of tranquility for your mother for this holiday.

Here are just a few lovely gifts that any mum will love and enjoy and better still, they can all be easily posted to her, to arrive in time for Mother’s Day in March. They range from the thoughtful to the tasty to the relaxing, because so many mums deserve to relax, unwind and treat themselves. Whether you decide to get her a delicious vegan food hamper or a beautiful scarf made from organic and ethically sourced materials, sustainable and organic materials, masks each gift that much better.

To discover more ethically sourced, vegan gifts and products, download the GoEthical App for IOS or on Google Play, to shop for holidays and occasions. To learn more about environmentally conscious brands and products, read more on our blog, today