GoEthical is a Conscious consumerism app that encourages consumers to make positive purchasing decisions, which reduces the negative effects which some aspects of consumerism can have on the global environment.

As a visual aid to understanding the GoEthical App, we have produced the below infographic, titled “Introducing GoEthical – The Ethical Marketplace”:

Infographic Visual - Introducing GoEthical - the Consumer Conscious Shopping App 020719 V0 6

Infographic Visual – Introducing GoEthical – the Consumer Conscious Shopping App 020719 V0 6


Some statistics about conscious consumerism

There are various statistics which back the conscious consumerism movement, these are included within the infographic and are summarised below.

A Walnut unlimited survey about the “rise of the conscious consumer” revealed interesting trends, such as 75% of British people have adopted ethical shopping and healthier eating habits. British society is also conscious of plastic usage, with 46% of the population aiming to reduce the plastic they use.

Global Web Index conducted an online survey about “Green Consumerism. This joint UK/US survey revealed that 62% of consumers believe that eco-friendly products are better for their health.

In 2017, Nottingham Trent University published “The Ethical Consumer Markets Report (2017)”. This valued the UK ethical goods and services market at £83.1 billion.

In “The 2018 Organic Market Report”, the Soil Association stated that the UK organic market rose 6% in 2017 to £2.2 billion.

In Nielsen’s December 2015 report “Consumer goods brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainability outperform those that don’t”, the acclaimed research company concluded that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods.

Euro Monitor revealed in their “Meet the Conscious Consumer” report that the “Conscious Consumer” was one of ten top consumer trends for 2019.

Booking.com revealed that “87% of global travellers state that they want to travel sustainably” in a 2018 news article.

The above are just a few statistics, which illustrate and highlight the demand for conscious consumerism.

Introducing GoEthical – everything a “Conscious Consumer” could need

GoEthical is a conscious consumer app, which bundles numerous ethical shopping areas into one ethical shopping app. Our four main product areas are:

  • Eco-friendly products – a range of eco-friendly products such as biodegradable, organic, palm oil free, pesticide free as well as products which are sustainably made
  • Ethical life products – many ethical products from brands such as Fair Trade and Natural Label as well as products which are verified by GoEthical as ethically made
  • Pre-loved goods – sellers large and small bring a range of recycled and second hand products, which maximise the Earth’s resources and reduce environmental damage
  • Sustainable products – sellers bring a range of products, which are sustainably made, this includes clothing, food and beverages and home furnishings

GoEthical ethics categories

GoEthical covers a multitude of ethical categories. GoEthical’s 11 ethics categories are biodegradable, cruelty free, eco-friendly, fair trade, fair wear, natural label, organic, palm oil free, pesticide free, recyclable, sustainable and vegan.

GoEthical product categories

In total GoEthical has in excess of 30 product categories, which cover an extensive variety of consumer needs. Just a few examples of these categories are books and magazines, electric vehicles, electronics, fashion, food and beverages, groceries, health and beauty, home and garden, jewellery, second hand, toys and hobbies and video games.

GoEthical functionality

Functionality available within the GoEthical app includes (but is not limited to):

  • Communication – including a discussion forum, instant chat, questions and answers as well as ratings and reviews
  • Orders and payments – pay with Stripe or PayPal, slick and easy order processing in addition to the viewing of live and historic orders
  • Products – including advanced search & filtering, badges and eco-labels, detailed products listings and quality imagery
  • Seller features – bulk product uploading, sellers’ dashboard, sellers profile information and a unique storefront
  • User experience – adverts and pop-up free, attractive user interface, automated notification and intuitive feeds

For more information, visit our “How to shop ethically using the GoEthical app” infographic.

Registering to use GoEthical

Registering for GoEthical for both buyers and sellers is very easy and takes just 2-3 minutes. Visit https://www.bazarapp.co.uk for full information about how to register.

Contacting GoEthical

For any enquiries about GoEthical please email us at enquiries@bazarapp.co.uk. We will reply as soon as possible and look forward very much to hearing from you.

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