Spring has finally arrived and many of us are thinking about deep cleaning, sorting, and organising our homes, but you don’t need to overload your home with chemicals and virgin plastics for a sparkling clean.

Whether you’re going for a long-awaited deep clean, or you’re simply freshening up your living area, give these environmentally friendly cleaning products a go, for a more sustainable home.

What Makes Cleaning Products Eco Friendly?

While there is no set definition for eco-friendly cleaning products, they do tick off a similar range of issues:

  • Recyclable or biodegradable packaging
  • Vegan and/or cruelty-free
  • Non-toxic chemicals or fragrances
  • No harm caused to the environment
  • Often refillable 

Not every eco-friendly product ticks off each eco issue, so choose the ones you care about the most and start there.

The Best Eco Cleaning Brands


Elmkind is a family run company based in Devon, UK, who are dedicated to providing honest, natural and beautiful cleaning products, which are supplied in stylish, sustainable and refillable aluminium bottles for you to enjoy in your home. (And, we think, also look great on the Instagram feed.) 

Their mission is to eliminate single-use plastic bottles within the cleaning industry, encouraging their customers to be part of the solution. Announcing on their website “Who says cleaning products can’t look fab, smell amazing and yet work incredibly well too?!” 

Elmkind is also big on transparency, refusing to list “fragrance ” or “Surfactants” on their products which, in their words, means “manufacturers can put a wide range of ingredients in their products and not actually state what they are using”. All their products list the full ingredients, which are also natural, local certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free, and plant-based. 

They also donate at least 5% of their proftens to Devon based Animals in Distress Rescue Home, and Surfers Against Sewage.


Shayker began when their founders decided action needed to be taken against the outrageous proportions of single-use plastics that are entering our waterways and oceans.  With the belief that eco-friendly home cleaning products can help to empower people’s lifestyles to be greener, they provide a refillable, non-toxic, and free from single-use plastic alternative to conventional unsustainable cleaning products. 

Their values are kept simple, so they can better adhere to their core meaning, whilst impacting them into all aspects of their business process. They are committed to:

  • “To continuously adapt our operations, processes, and mindsets to be as sustainable and as ethical as possible.”
  • “To continue to make eco-friendly lifestyles viable through affordable, non-toxic, and refillable products.”
  • “To communicate as effectively and as honestly to you, our potential and existing customers, so you know exactly what our products are and what they contain.”

Shayker also brings an exciting new way to clean without toxic chemicals and single-use plastics, at a fair price. Simply, fill an old spray bottle, or purchase one of their dedicated glass bottles, to the top of the label with warm tap water, add the sachet and wait for 2 minutes as it dissolves, screw the spray top and give it a swirl, then put your powerful green cleaning product to work!

They sell everything you need to clean your home without cluttering up the cupboards; a glass and mirror cleaner, a multi-purpose cleaner, and a bathroom cleaner. All of which are free from toxic chemicals, single-use plastics, parabens, VOCs, phosphates and harmful phthalates, making them safe for you and the planet.

Clean Living

Clean Living was created when Helen and Gil met through a mutual friend. Gil had a range of fantastic natural cleaning products and Helen was looking to share the eco cause after watching Blue Planet and discovering all the harm our plastic waste and CO2 emissions are having on wildlife and the climate. 

They created a company that would help others to clean with conscience, one that is environmentally responsible, educates people, and offers a less damaging way to clean their homes.

Their formulas use the power of nature to give a superior clean than traditional products, whilst being free from any hazardous toxins. They include healthy bacteria which completely breaks down and removes dirt and grime for a deeper and longer-lasting clean. They also offer a refill-reuse-recycle system to help their customers reduce single-use plastic waste. 

Clean Living isn’t stocked in stores, they’re sent directly to you, to reduce the amount of vehicles on the road, driving down CO2 emissions. The aluminium bottles are shipped empty with a sachet of concentrate, making them lighter, which also further reduces carbon emissions, you then only need to order the sachets to refill your products. The old sachets can be sent back too!


Though primarily a bath and body brand, VertueBox sells Indian Soap Nuts which are an incredible green alternative to laundry detergent. Soapnuts can be used over and over again –  as long as they still continue to produce foam, they can still be used. 

Unlike chemical detergents, these soapnuts do not mix or dissolve the dyes in the fabrics, meaning you can mix different colours without fear. They also help in maintaining the colour of clothes for longer, and can be used on both whites and colours. 

Soapnuts are naturally sourced and hypoallergenic making them a great alternative for those who are allergic to chemical detergents. 

VertueBox was created by a mother and daughter team who decided to embark on a new journey of self-improvement and a better lifestyle, dreaming of their own business where they could embrace their core values of natural living and wellbeing.

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